Executive MBA Programs in Portland

A big selling point for MBA programs is flexibility. Many working professionals are seeking a degree they can earn while retaining their regular full-time jobs. Several MBA programs offer evening and/or weekend part-time formats to accommodate these students. MBA programs vary drastically in length, ranging from 11-month full-time programs to five-year part-time programs.

In addition, some MBA programs offer "executive" (or "professional") programs designed to meet the needs of upper-level managers. Typically, the applicants to an executive MBA program must have a minimum of five years professional work experience. Still other programs offer concentrations that allow a student to customize their degree in a specific area of business.

Part-time Full-time Executive MBA Concentration
University of Oregon no yes yes no
George Fox University yes yes no yes
Portland State University yes yes yes yes
Willamette University yes yes no yes
University of Portland yes yes yes yes
Washington State University yes no no no
Pacific University no yes no no